Unit Dose Packaging

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We offer unit dose packaging made by DISPILL(R).

This service is complimentary when you fill a prescription with us and request that we use DISPILL(R) blister pack instead of regular vial.



dispill packEach DISPILL(R) blister pack contains 32 blisters. Each pack may contain a full week’s medication (i.e. 7 days x 4 doses a day) or a full month’s medication (i.e. 30 days x 1 dose a day). Other permutations are feasible.

Each blister may contain multiple pills as shown in the picture. The complete medication profile is printed on the label.


dispill benefitPractical and detachable!

All of the blisters are detachable, transparent and identified with the patient’s name, description of the contents, and date and time to take the pills.

DISPILL(R) enables patients to conveniently bring their pills with them wherever they go so they can take them at the right time.

dispill one blister


Please note that DISPILL(R) blister packs are not considered child-resistant. Per WAC 246-869-230, a written authorization by the patient or his/her agent is required prior to us dispensing prescription medications in DISPILL blister packs.

Certain medications are not suitable for unit dose packaging. Please contact us for more details.



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